AlmaLinux 9.1 (x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le, s390x) 正式版发布

由社区提供的免费 Linux 操作系统,RHEL 兼容发行版。

Posted by sysin on 2022-11-17
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由社区提供的免费 Linux 操作系统

一个开源、社区拥有和管理、永远免费的企业 Linux 发行版,专注于长期稳定性,提供强大的生产级平台 (sysin)。AlmaLinux OS 与 RHEL® 和 pre-Stream CentOS 1:1 二进制兼容。


AlmaLinux 9.1 - Now Available

AlmaLinux 9.1 - Now Available

Hello Community! The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce general availability of AlmaLinux OS 9.1 codenomaded “Lime Lynx”.

Installation ISOs are available on mirrors now for 4 architectures:

Torrents are available as well at:

ISOs, Live Images, Cloud and Containers

AlmaLinux also offers a variety of Cloud, Container and Live Images. The builds for these get kicked off as soon as the public repository is ready. The following images are expected to be available shortly.

We will post a separate “Images Update” announcemnt soon, to keep the community informed.

Release Notes and More Information

The AlmaLinux 9.1 Stable provides a more stable foundation for open hybrid cloud innovation, new enhancements and features to deliver workloads (sysin), applications and services for multiple environments more efficiently, security features and updates for risk reduction and better compliance maintenance. This release also includes PHP language updates and new features. New automation and management functionality provided to make additional manual tasks automation, performing standard deployment processes at scale easier and simplify day-to-day system management. These enhancements include adding several system roles and the web console new options and features. As for containers, Sigstore technology was built into the container tooling. You can read more about this release by checking out the Release Notes.

Join us on Mastodon

Have you jumped on Mastodon yet? Follow us! @[email protected]

Pitch In

Join us in the AlmaLinux Community Chat to get any assistance you need and help others. You can also post a question on our 9.1 Forum, on our AlmaLinux Community on Reddit or catch us on Twitter.

Please report any bugs you may see on the Bug Tracker.

Enjoy the release and have fun!

关于 AlmaLinux 操作系统

AlmaLinux OS 是一个开源的、社区驱动的 Linux 操作系统,它填补了 CentOS Linux 稳定版本停产留下的空白 (sysin)。AlmaLinux OS 是 RHEL® 的 1:1 二进制兼容分支。由社区引导和建设。

作为一个独立的、完全免费的操作系统,AlmaLinux OS 享有 CloudLinux Inc 每年 100 万美元的赞助和其他赞助商的支持。正在进行的开发工作由社区成员管理。

AlmaLinux OS 基金会是一个 501©(6) 非营利组织,旨在为 AlmaLinux OS 社区带来利益。



AlmaLinux 9.1

Architectures Image type File name Release date Size
x86_64 Boot iso AlmaLinux-9.1-x86_64-boot.iso 2022-11-17 804 MiB
x86_64 DVD iso AlmaLinux-9.1-x86_64-dvd.iso 2022-11-17 8.01 GiB
x86_64 Minimal iso AlmaLinux-9.1-x86_64-minimal.iso 2022-11-17 1.45 GiB
aarch64 Boot iso AlmaLinux-9.1-aarch64-boot.iso 2022-11-17 757 MiB
aarch64 DVD iso AlmaLinux-9.1-aarch64-dvd.iso 2022-11-17 6.66 GiB
aarch64 Minimal iso AlmaLinux-9.1-aarch64-minimal.iso 2022-11-17 1.34 GiB


AlmaLinux 9.1 上游来自于 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.1 Release


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