SecureCRT & SecureFX 9.1 macOS, Linux, Windows

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SecureCRT 客户端运行于 Windows、Mac 和 Linux,将坚如磐石的终端仿真与强大的加密、广泛的身份验证选项以及 SSH(Secure Shell)协议的数据完整性结合起来,以实现安全的网络管理和最终用户访问。

SecureFX 是 SecureCRT 配套的文件传输客户端,支持 FTP、HTTP、HTTPS、SFTP、SCP 和 Amazon S3(新增)。


SecureCRT 9.1, SecureFX 9.1, and VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 are now available for download.

New in SecureCRT 9.1:

SecureCRT for macOS.

SecureCRT for macOS adds support for Big Sur and integrates the toolbar with the title bar for a modern interface that frees up valuable screen space.

Active Sessions Manager (Windows only).

On Windows, the dockable Active Sessions Manager lets you see at a glance all open sessions, which makes working with a large number of connections easier. Quickly locate open sessions using the filter bar.

Scratchpad and script editor enhancements (Windows only).

You can now customize the scratchpad and script editor to fit your needs. Choose fonts, foreground and background colors, and specify the initial values of line numbers and word wrap options. Save time by including a scratchpad as an auto session that is opened when SecureCRT starts.

Local shell and GUI enhancements.

All platforms add local shell and GUI and other enhancements designed to increase efficiency.

“The Active Sessions Manager makes the workflow better than ever. This and the hotkeys are not just small fixes — they are the best and fastest way to choose an open session since I’ve been using SecureCRT.”
— Michael Bladowski, SecureCRT customer


The Active Sessions Manager (Windows only) lets you see at a glance the connection status of all open sessions and quickly switch to a specific session.

New in SecureFX 9.1:

SecureFX for macOS.

SecureFX for macOS adds Big Sur support and integrates the toolbar with the title bar for a more modern interface and more screen space in which to work.

Enhanced display theme (Windows).

On Windows, the display theme’s foreground and background colors are now used everywhere, improving the visual experience in SecureFX.

Improved S3 support.

On all platforms, S3-compatible services are now supported in addition to AWS.

New in VanDyke Clientpack 9.1:

Big Sur support.

VanDyke Clientpack introduces support for macOS Big Sur, so you can take advantage of the improvements in the latest macOS platform.


  • SecureCRT + SecureFX 9.1 macOS intel x64

    修改 macOS Big Sur 图标适配,一键许可。

    百度网盘链接: 提取码:tmbc

    macOS Big Sur 11(官方图标未适配)
    macOS 10.15
    macOS 10.14


  • SecureCRT + SecureFX 9.1 Ubuntu 20.04 x64



    chmod +x scrt-sfx-9.1.0-2579.ubuntu20-64.bin
    # 请以下载的实际文件名为准

    百度网盘链接: 提取码:7fjr

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – 本版本,其他版本不支持
    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x


  • SecureCRT + SecureFX 9.1 Windows x64


    百度网盘链接: 提取码:tfju

    Windows® Server 2019
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows 10
    Windows 8.1
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Windows Server 2012


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